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Farhad ghaemi

Undoubtedly, volleyball has given remarkable players to their own respective countries. In very little time, this game has also collected numerous fans and made volleyball an international game very soon. Even volleyball is also played on different levels like state level, district level, and various other levels and this has attracted the attention of audience and sports fan.

Talking about the international volleyball game, then we have seen many versatile and talented players in this game and it doesn’t end here audiences are waiting for more such good players and team. On the same line, many great volleyball players are also retiring from the game. 

Farhad Ghaemi 31 year old who is a two-time Asian game champion and Iran player is retiring. He also said that he served his nation with all his loyalty and dedication as a sportsman. However, Farhad was not very happy after taking retirement from the game but due to the rule of the game, he has to take retirement from the game. The player held his country to get gold much times also he played a major role in winning many other matches.

Farhad Ghaemi

In Rio Olympics 2016, Farhad was also in the team and help the country to secure the fifth rank, and also Iran won the Asian championship two times. Likewise, he made many remarkable contributions to the team as well as in the game. Farhad was also injured in a game while playing volleyball but managed his team to secure the second rank in the match. However, it was also teamwork who played together and helped their country to bring a certain rank in the volleyball game. 

The team of Iran as well as other countries also needs more players like Farhad to win more gold and the Olympics. Lately, it was also known that Farhad joined an Iran club but due to some reason, he left the club. In an interview when Farhad was asked about his retirement then he stated that he served his nation as a soldier and will keep on serving in one way or another. Nowadays, news of his retirement has become headlines, Farhad was also ideal for many volleyball fans. However, Farhad is far younger than the retirement if he wants then he can continue his game because he is not that older to leave the game. 

The audience is unhappy and sad after listening to the news of their favorite player leaving the sports and that now they will not be able to see their favorite player in the sports ground to play volleyball. The player has given his complete 14 years to this game and now after a very long duration, he has to leave this sport on a competitive level.

He is a great legend of this game and will always be remembered in Iran for volleyball. For example in volleyball always the name of Farhad will be remembered and will never be forgotten. It is estimated that after retirement, Farhad may start as a coach but this information has not been confirmed.