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italy vs ireland

On 27th February, a historical match was played between Ireland and Italy. Since when the Six Nations Championship was started, This time Ireland’s participation was unexpected. However they were preparing themselves for long, but no one would have imagined this year, they’ll pop up from nowhere. But they surprised us with excellent performance. They have taken an eye to eye fight with Italy, a renowned name in the rugby World, and succeeded to draw the match. Before going to further discussion, let’s have a look at the Highlights of the show.

  • On 27th February 2021, the match of Ireland against Italy attracted so many bettors to invest. However, no one expected to see the match as a draw. Ireland successfully captured 19.5 Points. 
  • Both the teams made 0-2 scores up to the end of the match.
  • As it was the first time for Ireland to represent itself in the Six Nations Championship, the result of 0-2 is enough for them to secure the hearts of millions.

Italy is dropping day by day. Since 2015, they haven’t won a single match. They have lost in a total of 29 matches against strong teams like Wales, England, Scotland. However, the start of Ireland was not so satisfactory. They have lost continuously to Wales and France. Then why appreciating Ireland? Because the number of veteran players in Italy is higher than in Ireland. Still, they lost. Let’s check out the final odds for the season.

  • Ireland has a money line odd of -3345. It has spread from -19.5.
  • Italy has a spread of +19.5. It has the odd +1200.
  • To make the match draw for the season, the odd will be given +5000.

If we again started Highlight the situations on the ground of that day, Ireland players suffered some difficulties. Like Charles Ollivon, the player of Ireland had to waste 10 minutes of his games because of having the yellow card. Lots of other excuses have been drawn however, Irish players need to fix their strategies for sure. That’s why even after having such a good game, they didn’t have a smile on their faces. Certainly, they have expected more from that day. 

However, Italy hadn’t won the match against Ireland but still, they are leading with some points. They have been defeated with-63 points. In the match with England, they were being defeated by 41-18. Monte Loane is the star player of Italy. He has shown a great performance though they were being defeated in the match. Everyone Having Expectations from him for future matches.

Bettors were asking about the tips for the matches like these. However, predicting with this many negativities is quite tough. The chances of winning a match were unpredictable and that’s what happened. The match was a draw. Let’s again hope for the best. We wish, a team like Ireland will show their potential again in the next match. And the bettors who are willing to bet on Italy’s odds, be careful. For the last 6 years, they are making disappointments only.