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sports betting

Sports betting or gambling doesn’t need any introduction, people know about this for very long. Along with this, it has also continued to be controversial about betting and gambling in few places it is considered as legal whereas at few places it is illegal. People of different countries have to follow the law of their countries according to which they have to bet or not to bet.

Sports betting is one of the famous betting for all the bettors there are various reasons why people love sports betting more than any other. The main reason is that it gives numerous chances for people to bet and win. But there are laws according to which people or bettors have to work like there are few countries where betting or gambling is allowed. 

In countries where betting is not allowed there bettors are not allowed to do any kind of betting or gambling. Whereas there are few countries where there are partial rules about betting. Let’s know about countries where sports betting is legal.


In the UK there is a particular type of federal law for betting, however, sports betting is allowed there but on some terms and conditions. In the UK, the authority for permission of sports betting depends upon the particular state. If a state wants to grant a permission then it can for the sports betting. However, in most of the places sports betting or gambling is allowed in the UK.

North Korea

North Korea has always been famous for restricted rules and more, any illegal activities are strictly prohibited and there is punishment for one who does it. Likewise, in this country, sports betting is not allowed but it is allowed for the tourists who come there only to visit the country. For tourists also there are some kind of rules like tourists can play betting but only with the guided tours. 


Japan is a well developed country,  here everything is available at a very fine level. Talking about gambling and sports betting here, then in japan sports betting wasn’t allowed for a very long time, but later on it became legal after a very long time. However, there are still some rules and regulations if one wants to play then they have to play it in limits to continue the legacy of the country. Now, the casinos are opened in the country, and people are allowed to play. 

This proves that even in a country where gambling and betting is allowed there also are some rules and limitations in the country. 

Countries and people have their own thinking about betting and gambling every country has legalized or illegalized the betting according to their  rules. But there are some countries, where sports betting is still legal and people play it with some limitations. In this article, I have mentioned about countries where sports betting is legal but with some conditions. I hope you like this article.